Terraformers: custom mode added in latest update


Terraformers is an extensive colony building and resource management game that contains roguelike elements. This game allows you to develop entire cities, spread life and develop ambitious projects aimed at terraforming the red planet.

Just recently, the developers rolled out an update which added the new custom mode; a new game mode that allows you to adjust certain parameters according to your desires. Additionally, you have the ability to continuously terraform the Red Planet with no particular end in sight.

New features have also been added. For one, a new difficulty level for scenarios is unlocked at Mastery Level 36. Additionally, a new option can be found in the game menu that lets you abandon Mars if things go wrong.

The latest patch also included a compendium known as “Marcyclopedia”. This contains information on the various projects, lifeforms and leaders available in Terraformers.

Here are the other major elements of this update:


  • Added a new game mechanic: Technologies

  • Added a new “Planet of Knowledge” scenario focused on science and technology

  • Added new procedural leaders for long games

  • Added a new welcome window

  • Added decorations on the project frame to indicate rarity

  • Added a new tooltip when viewing lifeforms as well as full region coloring

  • Added a platinum trophy when winning a scenario in 65 turns (currently gold), giving 5 mastery points. Reduced Gold Trophy requirement by 5 turns.

  • Added that if you win a harder scenario, all lower difficulties in that scenario are also completed with the same trophy.

  • When spreading a lifeform, climate zones will now light up in different colors to indicate where the lifeform can spread and how fast


  • Decreased expectation climb frequency a bit between turns 20 and 40, increased expectation climb frequency a bit after turn 40.

  • Increased migration time on the planet by 1 turn.

  • Giant Crystal Cave, Giant Diamond Cave, and Rich Soil now also place small resources on nearby locations (displayed as hints when exploring).

  • Slightly increased quantity of exploration satellites offered.

  • The Martian Workers Association now grants 2 support points per uniquely produced resource instead of 3.

  • Reduced the amount of water required and the support obtained for the skill “Cultural Festivals”.

  • Secure backup system management, backup is now specific to computer user and specific store user (steam or gog). (It should also be more immune to an unwanted progress reset).


  • Fixed cost of refounding power when canceling use of Thomas mining skill.

  • Fixed a bug where you could extend one city into another.

  • Fixed a bug with the last lifeform prestige level not working.

Full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Terraformers is available on PC.


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