The 5 types of employee personas and how to reward them


While Socialisers and Achievers respond positively to greater audience recognition, Taskers and Coasters prefer smaller presentations. Here’s a quick and handy guide to identifying and recognizing each character.

Along with each employee’s personality, comes a preferred form of recognition in the workplace – some are big on monetary rewards (bonuses, incentives), while others would prefer verbal forms of recognition.

At the same time, some employees may benefit from a company-wide announcement about their accomplishments, while others would prefer a more intimate setting.

With this in mind, OC Tanner’s World Culture Report 2022 identified the five common types of employee personas and their preferred forms of recognition, as a guide when planning or improving your rewards and recognition strategy.

Each persona is scored out of 10 for the following forms of recognition:

  • electronic card
  • E-monetary card
  • Public
  • Public + monetary

Persona # 1: the socializer

Out of a score out of 10, this character scored between seven and eight for his preference for public and monetary recognition, six to seven for public recognition, a solid six for the electronic monetary card and just under six for the electronic card. .

Persona # 2: The Tasker

This character’s preferred form of recognition is public and monetary combination (score = eight), followed by electronic monetary card (six), electronic card (between five and six), and public recognition (score of four).

That said, the report noted that for often introverted taskers, public praise has a negative effect on them, but eCards and cash eCards increase connection.

Persona n ° 3: the builder

Out of 10, the tasker gets an eight for public and monetary recognition, slightly more than just public recognition. Meanwhile, this character also prefers electronic currency cards (between seven and eight) to an electronic card (between six and seven).

According to the report, any form of recognition creates a connection for this character.

Persona # 4: the coaster

The least preferred form of roller coaster recognition out of the four defined is electronic maps, scoring five out of 10 for this; while electronic monetary cards scored between five and six out of 10; public recognition got a score of six, and finally, public and monetary recognition came out on top with a score of six to seven.

Coasters are “very responsive” to reconnaissance with a significant increase in great work (19 times more likely) when it occurs, as are taskers (4.5 times more likely), according to the report. socializers (4 times more likely).

Persona # 5: the director

The director, also known as the most outgoing character, achieved the highest score among his counterparts in public and monetary recognition, scoring between nine and 10 out of 10.

The next closest score is that of public recognition (between eight and nine). At the same time, electronic cards and electronic money cards scored around eight out of 10.

Overall, for all personalities, the report highlighted that not all employees want to be recognized in the same way with the same type of experience or reward. Groups most receptive to rewards (i.e. socializers and performers) respond positively to greater audience recognition, while taskers and coasters prefer smaller presentations.

Meanwhile, high-performing people want recognition to connect them to a goal, and builders and high-performing people, like a top leader, to be part of the experience.

Ideas for rewards and recognition for each character

Now that you know what each type of persona likes best, here are some ideas on how to recognize and reward their efforts:

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