The gaming crossover you didn’t know you needed – Model Builder welcomes Frostpunk to its digital plastic frame


If you didn’t already know it existed, now you know — Model builder is exactly as the name suggests: a model building simulator that takes the plastic scale models of yesteryear and recreates them and the building experience in simulation form. Revealed at the height of the iso, the sim is well and truly in the wild now, and in today’s news, Frostpunk model kits will be making their way to the base game as free DLC. .

We are currently awaiting our opinion coded kit to happen, but as big Frostpunk fans and also what the idea of ​​this crossover can actually mean with other gaming properties (I wouldn’t mind building a Subnautica PRAWN suit, for example) , we are all on this promotion . I mean, it’s free, so…

Model Builder is the next generation of virtual hobby games that brings the joy of model building to enthusiasts and novices alike. Today, Green Man Game Edition and developers Moonlit SA are thrilled to announce that the exclusive Model Builder Frostpunk DLC is now available as a free download, adding even more content to the range of vehicles, historical memorabilia and pop culture icons already available.

That’s not all, starting today players who want to start their model building journey can purchase Model Builder or the Model Builder Frostpunk Bundle on Steam at a fantastic 20% discount. This promotion will run until April 5, 2022. Fans who already have Model Builder can download the Frostpunk DLC for free!

The Frostpunk DLC will add three well-known pieces of equipment from the Frostpunk game – Dreadnought, Automaton and Generator – all ready to be cut, assembled and painted in your own unique style.

Check out the Model Builder launch trailer embedded below.


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