The March Xbox update adds new features. reassignment of share buttons and more


Microsoft’s latest Xbox software update introduces three new features for Xbox Series X and Series S that should make life a little easier for owners. For starters, you can now pin two games to the quick resume bar on the Groups page. This means they will remain pinned to the bar until you unpin them or the game requires an update. New firmware updates are available for linked devices, including the newest Xbox Wireless Controller, which now has the ability to remap the Share button.

Button remapping is done using the Xbox Accessories app. Finally, there’s a new audio setup wizard for HDMI devices, such as home theater systems or soundbars. Found under General > Volume & Audio Output > Audio Setup, the new screen lets you choose your audio setup and test the speakers for the best effect. The March update should be rolling out now.

If you don’t use the Share feature often (for easily grabbing screenshots and videos), you can remap it to perform a different function, such as mute the TV, open the friends list, and open achievements. It also helps those like us who accidentally pressed the share button during gameplay. Or to introduce assistive technologies for gamers with disabilities.

Summary of news:

  • The March Xbox update adds new features. reassignment of share buttons and more
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