The Scouse contestant on The Chase destroys The Beast, earns thousands


The Beast had its “worst performance ever” on The Chase after facing a competitor from Liverpool.

Dave, Gabrielle, Joseph and Mary faced off against the Chaser in the hopes of winning a big cash prize.

Dave immediately showed his incredible knowledge by winning £ 6,000 in the cash builder.

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The County Wicklow writer also had no problem against Mark Labbett, as he advanced to the final.

Gabrielle hoped to match Dave’s success but took off after a £ 2,000 builder.

And soon, The Beast, who appeared to be in great shape, knocked Gabrielle off the show.

Next was Joseph, from Liverpool.

The 41-year-old musician had a confident first round, earning £ 5,000 for his team.

Joseph started strong against The Beast one-on-one, but backed off after a few tough questions.

But in a one-question shootout, Joseph defeated The Beast and raised his team’s total jackpot to £ 11,000.

Dave and Joseph were hoping Mary could add more money to the pot, but after a tough one-on-one she suffered the same fate as Gabrielle.

Before the final with only two players, the odds were not in favor of Dave and Joseph.

In the last lap, they managed to score 11 points.

But The Beast said he had “his worst performance ever” as he failed to tie Dave and Joseph’s 11 points.

By the time the clock hit zero seconds Mark had only scored 10 points meaning Dave and Joseph had won the £ 11,000 jackpot.

Chase viewers were equally shocked.

Luke Thomas tweeted: “Ouch beat the beast with 11 questions.”

David Murphy said: “Absolute Mare by The Beast.”

Baren tweeted: “Mark got a shock there.”

And Fiona said, “Fair play for them. Well done.”

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