The video killed the Instagram star? How Instagram’s push to Reels is affecting local photographers



Still, while photographers don’t dismiss the importance of following trends or embracing Instagram’s changes, some have pointed to good old-fashioned email or word-of-mouth as their preferred method of securing clients.

For example, Mr. Seah may occasionally dabble in Reels right now, but he doesn’t see the algorithm affecting his business. He noted that he has already built a “small base of followers” who turn to him for wildlife walks and wildlife photography advice.

“Most of my sponsored products have been through Instagram stories or word of mouth referrals so I don’t really see an impact on my customer side. In fact most of my customers for wildlife photography and walks in wildlife also go by word of mouth,” he said.

“The reach of viral reels is mostly from overseas, so I think even getting a huge engagement won’t grow my customer base that much.

Thomas (pseudonym), photographer for five years, also prefers to reach his main clientele – architecture firms, interior design firms and hotel groups – by proven methods.

The 29-year-old has a neatly curated Instagram feed that speaks to his clean style. But with just over 150 photos, with the occasional lifestyle and travel pic, he admits he rarely posts. He also hasn’t posted any Instagram reels.

“I think most would agree that it takes a lot of time and effort to arrange the most ideal flow. And for someone with a perfectionist mindset, or trying to be a perfectionist, that’s a challenge. Therefore, only when I have the mood, I will post the photos in batches,” he explained.

“But when I do (post), I usually get a few inquiries about my service. I guess it’s more like, ‘Hey! I’m still here and I shoot, if you want to work together, feel free to message me ‘(that) kind of approach.

That said, Thomas admitted that Instagram has helped him reach past and present clients by being a “secondary platform” to showcase his portfolio. While he may not be putting all his eggs in that basket, he thinks there’s “no harm in relying primarily on Instagram” to get your name on these days.

“In fact, you could argue that this could be the main wallet that most people will check first. … Most people would rather visit your Instagram first before checking your wallet website,” he said. declared.

“With Instagram stories or Instagram posts, it creates awareness and in turn generates potential leads and customer inquiries.”


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