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Arrears or installments that you have not paid can backfire for yourself.

Arrears or installments that you have not paid can backfire for yourself.

Your name will be smeared as a debtor. In fact, arrears are not solely your desire right? Especially in the midst of an economy that fluctuates like now. Even the world economy isn’t stable, what about your finances?

Most Indonesians also buy motor vehicles on credit. That way it is not difficult for someone to have a car or motorcycle.

Especially at this time there are many finance companies (leasing) that offer various programs to make it easier for customers to have motorized vehicles. For example starting from giving a low down payment to small installments.

Buying a motorized vehicle on credit through a finance company is not without risk. There are a number of requirements that must be obeyed by the customer. If it does not follow the specified conditions, the leasing company will not hesitate to reprimand the debtor, even to withdraw the motorized vehicle on credit.

“Consumers (customers) are different in nature. There are naughty, just one month installments are gone, so when the payment is stuck we will come to the customer’s house, if there is no yes we will and immediately pull the vehicle. But there are also consumers who are indeed experiencing difficulties and ask for help to be postponed because there are other needs, yes it’s still okay, “said Kyle Kurniawan.

Kyle added that generally the maximum limit for late payment of vehicle loan installments is approximately 3 months. During that time, he continued, the loan interest rate would continue and customers would be charged a penalty of eight percent per month.

Pulled Motorized Vehicles will be Auctioned

Pulled Motorized Vehicles will be Auctioned

Pulled Motorized Vehicles will be Auctioned (Shutterstock).

By attracting motorized vehicles owned by customers who are in arrears on credit payments does not mean that the company immediately makes a profit. On the contrary, especially if the vehicle owned by the customer is not in good condition as if he just left the dealership.

“We withdrew three months of non-payment. The towed vehicle was thrown into auction. But we lose if we auction, not to mention if there are some parts in the vehicle damaged, or blisters, traders want to profit too, “explained Kyle.

If the vehicle is withdrawn or the customer is in arrears in credit, it does not mean the problem is considered over. Kyle revealed that the customer had certainly no longer been able to apply for a vehicle purchase by credit.

“So now it’s more advanced, already using e-KTP. If now the position of bad credit is automatically recorded in the BI Checking system. There will be registered and will be hard to take credit, “concluded Kyle.

Minister of Finance Regulation

Minister of Finance Regulation

Sometimes, it can’t be denied that installment payments don’t always run smoothly. Because, the needs of life in the future no one can guess. If the payment is smooth in the beginning, it is not certain that it will go forward and beyond.

Indeed, it is expected that there are no significant obstacles, but back again. Sustenance who knows, and not always the need is stagnant right ?.

When you are late making payments, you must bear the risk. From the risk of fines to the recall of vehicles that you credit can be a threat when you are late paying installments.

The debt collector is indeed not infrequently take force vehicles that have bad credit for a long time. Of course this will be detrimental. Aside from losing the vehicle, installments that have been paid in the previous months will not be recovered.

Now you don’t need to worry about that anymore. The reason is, since 2012, the Ministry of Finance has issued regulations prohibiting leasing companies from forcibly withdrawing vehicles from customers.

But that is certainly not without terms and conditions, yes. With the regulation of the minister, you are still required to pay installments and installments every month.

In essence, if you are late in making vehicle repayment payments, the leasing party will not take force. But they will do an analysis of what caused the delay.

In this case the leasing party will still tolerate one to three months provided you have good intentions to repay the installments. May be useful!