This is why Mindy Kaling does not post pictures of her children


“They can tell me if they want to be part of my social networks or not.”

Mindy Kaling, as you may know, has two young children: Katherine, 3, and Spencer, 1.

Corn Office alum is very, very deprived of parenthood. She never shares photos of her children’s faces on social media.

And you know what? Mindy has a really good reason. It’s all about consent, which her children are still too young to give right now.

“I have no judgment for people in the public eye who share photos and videos of their children,” Mindy said. People. “My feeling is that [my kids] do not have actual consent at this time to do so. … I feel like I might as well wait until they are old enough so that they can tell me whether they want to be on my social networks or not. “

“Sometimes it’s just a matter of safety”, I have never creator added. “I don’t want to be at the airport and somebody say ‘Spencer, Katherine’ and look at people like they know them or are friends. I think that could be really confusing by as a child. “

“So that’s the reason I do it, but it’s hard because they’re so much a part of my life. And I’m like any parent where I’m proud of what they do. think they are so cute, and of course I want other people to see it! “

Mindy is in good company – there are a lot of celebrities who choose not to show their children’s faces on social media … Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard cover their children’s faces with emojis, for example.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling also discussed why consent is important when it comes to sharing photos of their two daughters.

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“I’ve always had a clear line when it comes to my man and my kids,” Eva wrote on Instagram. “I will speak about it of course, with limits, but I will not post photos of our daily life. And since my kids are still so young and don’t understand what posting their picture really means, I don’t have their consent. And I will not post their image until they are old enough to give me their consent. “

Kerry Washington is also resisting the urge to post pictures of her three children. Instead, she sends photos from her private Instagram to her therapist.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for ELLE

“I have times when I take pictures or videos of one of my three amazing kids and want to post it online, and I tend to send it to my parents or my shrink instead. “she said. Recount Today in 2019. I’m like “My kids are so cute and I don’t want to post about them so look how cute they are!” I have a private Instagram account for my shrink and he loves it! “

The ethics of social media and kids are absolutely worth thinking about! Thanks for having the conversation, Mindy!


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