Twitter app creates confusion by changing Copy Link and Bookmark buttons


Users are now trying to mass delete accidentally tagged tweets

Twitter recently made some minor changes to its platform. This includes features like changing the color of a like from red to pink, changing how tweets and replies appear on a user’s profile page. Now, a new change for a limited number of its app holders has changed the order of the “Copy Link” and “Bookmark” buttons. And that seems rather pointless.

9to5Google reported that the order of these two options has changed in the Twitter mobile app.

When a user taps the share button in the lower right corner of a tweet, a bespoke share sheet appears, with the highest option being to share the tweet via direct message. In the next line, there were three options in the following order: “Copy link”, “Bookmark”, and “Share via”.


In a fit of infinite wisdom, however, the company recently transposed the actions “Copy link” and “Bookmark” which caused long-time Twitter users to bookmark tweets instead of copying tweet URLs.

Moreover, deleting unwanted bookmarks is not easy. There is no undo button when the bookmark confirmation banner appears and tapping the bookmark option on the same tweet only informs the user that the action has already been performed. Users need to go to their profile settings and then tap on the “Bookmarks” item to manage them.

Android Police examined the behavior of the Share Sheet on three devices located in different locations. In India, the options are listed as “Copy link”, “Share via”, and “Bookmark” in that order. Meanwhile, our UK-based colleague had ‘Copy link’, ‘Bookmark’ and ‘Share via’. And in Germany we saw “Share via”, “Copy link” and “Bookmark”. Surprisingly, all three of us have the same app version – 9.45.0.

The company has experimented with its app’s colors and font in the past, but this is an A/B/C/x test that’s sure to be more annoying than helpful. We don’t know what data Twitter is able to gather from this trial, but it looks very good that the exercise is happening in error.

Many users are disappointed by these sudden changes with complaints for accidental bookmarking continuing to grow. While Twitter is planning bigger changes such as introducing an edit option and adding videos and photos to a single tweet, perhaps it should consider fixing the little things first. .then stick to it.


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