Un1feed Funding: Social tech startup Un1Feed raises $1 million in funding led by Silicon Valley-based fund Neo

Chenai: Social tech startup Un1Feed said on Wednesday it had raised $1 million or Rs 7.5 crore in a funding round led by Silicon Valley-based community venture capital fund, Neo .

Ali Partovi, CEO of Neo, said that fixing social media is one of the main challenges facing humanity today. His seed investments include Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook and Uber.

“I think the solutions to many social media problems will come from young founders with new ideas, and we’re excited to support Un1Feed,” Partovi said.

Tribe Capital, Great Oaks, Global Asset Capital and angels like Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer, Misfits Market founder Edward Lando and social media entrepreneur Cory Levy also participated in the pre-seed round.

Un1Feed plans to use the funds to focus on product development and is also looking to hire engineers to pick up the pace. It will allow users to easily integrate all their social networks by easily and securely connecting to them on the platform.

“Gen Z and Millennials spend more than 20% of their waking lives on social media, with almost no control over the type of content they consume. In the past year alone, nearly half of my generation attempted to delete his social media account. Obviously, social media users have a love/hate relationship with him, and we want to change that,” Hardik Patil, co-founder of Un1Feed, said in a statement.

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Un1Feed aims to empower social media users to be more intentional about their time on social media by dismantling a social network’s lock on the network and allowing users to fully customize how their social feed is displayed. , classified and contextualized on any existing social network.

“Un1Feed will revolutionize social media interaction for Gen Z and beyond. Our top priority right now is to expand our engineering and marketing teams and launch our offering globally within months” , said Ansh Nanda, co-founder of Un1Feed.

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