Urban Meyer ranked shockingly low on recent HC list


The Jacksonville Jaguars have lost 15 straight games in 2020 and have won just 12 in the past three seasons. So, it was not surprising to see them part ways with those responsible for their futility on the football field. After cleaning the house, the Jags hired Urban Meyer to oversee a rebuild. A renowned program builder in the college ranks, he will be tasked with turning the team that has seen only one winning season in the past ten years into a contender.

Looking at Meyer’s college resume, it’s easy to see why the Jaguars think he’s the perfect man to lead the team. The Toledo native has won three FBS National Championships, two with the Florida Gators and one at the helm of the Ohio State. However, you look at it, it is a great achievement. Additionally, he is known for his ability to connect with gamers.

Meyer has no experience coaching in the ranks of the NFL, but it’s not hard to imagine that his success in college is passed on to the pros. That’s why it was surprising to see him rank so low in a recent ranking.

Those rankings were tough for the new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach.

Connor Orr of Sports Illustrated recently ranked all of the NFL’s head coaches, but instead of listing them in the top two, he created two separate levels, veterans and rookies. Meyer was in the latter category and placed four out of seven.

Orr thinks Meyers has made a “fascinating” coaching team. He credits the former Ohio State head coach for making a jump into the NFL after an illustrious career in the college ranks. On the flip side, Orr puts the Jaguars’ odds of making the playoffs in 2021 at just 25 percent. Additionally, he believes Meyer will face a few hurdles in his transition to the pros.

His time in the NFL will be much more restrictive than usual and his staff will be responsible for keeping Meyer up to date. Trevor Lawrence helps but also hinders. If the development of the quarterback of the franchise stalls, the finger pointed at the head coach … unlike the college.

Surprisingly, Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley has made it to the top of Orr’s list despite having no head coaching experience at any level. Robert Saleh (New York Jets) took second place and Arthur Smith (Atlanta Falcons) finished third. Although they all took over more talented teams, you claim Meyer could have secured the top spot. After all, he won wherever he went and left all the programs he ran in better shape than when he arrived.

Urban Meyer has the Jacksonville Jaguars in the right direction.

It’s hard to get to the top of the list after losing 15 straight games. However, Meyer did a good job of putting the Jaguars on the right track. He and general manager Trent Baalke have spent the offseason fortifying a roster that lacked enough difference-makers to compete week after week.

Plus, the former Florida head coach makes sure players have access to the best resources available, whether it’s nutrition, training, physiotherapy or sports psychology. Sure, Meyer made a few mistakes along the way, but that’s to be expected from any new head coach.

While Meyer’s impact won’t be fully known until the Jaguars face the Houston Texans in Week 1, there’s no doubt he’s on an upward trend.

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