WFP Syria Country Profile, November 2021 – Syrian Arab Republic


In numbers

44,697 tonnes of food aid delivered

US $ 2.3 million in cash transfers made

Six-month net funding requirement of US $ 527.8 million (December 2021 – May 2022, effective November 22, 2021)

5.7 million people assisted in November 2021 (based on shipments)

Operational updates

• In November, WFP provided food and nutrition assistance to 5.7 million people through its general food assistance (GFA), school feeding, nutrition and livelihoods, resilience activities. and social safety nets in Syria.

• WFP has sent GFA to some 5.5 million people in the 14 Syrian governorates. Of this total, 24% was delivered via the cross-border operation from Turkey to areas of Idlib and the rural governorates of western Aleppo not accessible from inside Syria.

• WFP Executive Director David Beasley paid a three-day visit to Syria in November, where he met vulnerable families receiving WFP food assistance in Aleppo. The executive director stressed that “conflict, climate change, Covid-19 and now the cost of living are pushing people beyond their limits”. He also shared, “Mothers tell me that with winter approaching, they are caught between a rock and a hard place. Either they feed their children and let them freeze, or they keep them warm and leave them hungry. They cannot afford to buy both fuel and food.

• The economic situation in Syria continued to deteriorate. On November 1, the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection increased the price of subsidized cooking gas cylinders by 116% (from SYP 4,500 to SYP 9,700 or from US $ 1.8 to $ 3.88 US at the official exchange rate of SYP 2,500 / US $).
The decision was made to balance the continued supply of this vital item with the price control of the alternative market. Notably, the cost of a domestic gas cylinder to the state is SYP 30,000 ($ 12), so the new consumer price receives a state subsidy of 68%.


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