What is the Xbox Share button and how does it work on Xbox Series X


You’ve probably noticed the Xbox Series X Share button on your new Xbox Wireless Controller that came with your new console. Otherwise, it’s the one with an arrow pointing up just below the Xbox button with the View and Menu buttons on either side – although you might still call them Back and Start out of habit. Now that you have your console, maybe from one of the Xbox Series X offerings, you can use the Share button to easily capture and download screenshots and clips of games you play on the Xbox network. . Other players can then enjoy the Easter Egg you found or the incredible clutch gain you managed to get out of nowhere. Here’s what you need now to learn how to use the Share button on the Xbox Series X controller and how to use it.

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Xbox Series X Controller

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Share button has several functions based on how you press it, with one quick tap taking a screenshot of the action in progress. A long press, on the other hand, will record a video of the last 30 seconds of the game, although this can be changed in the settings. To access your recent captures, double-tap the Xbox Share button to open your library so you can view all of your screens and recordings. You can change these input parameters at any time by going through Settings> Preferences> Capture & Share and adjusting your preferences.

Your recent captures will automatically download, and if you’ve installed the Xbox mobile app, you can easily view and share them from there. For more information on setting up the Xbox mobile app, see our separate guide on this.


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