White Sox’s Jose Abreu and Royals’ Hunter Dozier involved in frightening collision


Scary moment in Chicago on Friday afternoon.

White Sox first baseman José Abreu and Royals third baseman Hunter Dozier were involved in a frightening collision after Dozier started running towards the first on a pop-up.

Dozier lowered his head and attempted to run for the sack, while Abreu came from his defensive position to chase the flying ball. Neither player noticed until they collided about 30 feet from home plate.

A slow-motion replay of the collision shows that it was a bit more brutal than it initially appeared:

Both players remained on the field after the tackle; Abreu held his head, while Dozier stood still for a moment before getting up.

Abreu and Dozier would leave the game after the collision. The Royals first announced that Dozier suffered from quads contusion and neck discomfort on a daily basis, but then placed him on the seven-day concussion injury list.

The White Sox have said (per MLB.com) that Abreu suffered a contusion and laceration to his face and a bruised knee. Manager Tony La Russa has told reporters Abreu will not be playing in Game 2 of Friday’s day-to-night doubles schedule and is day-to-day beyond that.

There’s a lot of beef in the collision: Dozier stands at 6-4 and weighs 220 pounds while Abreu is listed at 6-3, 256. Some criticize Dozier for not straying from Abreu because ‘he didn’t have his head held high during his run to the first.


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