YouTube crams even more stuff into its fullscreen experience


Latest a / b test adds even more buttons and shortcuts to full screen view

Over the past few months, YouTube has experimented more and more with the full-screen video interface on Android, and the company apparently hasn’t even done it remotely. We’ve already spotted accessing the comments section and description of the video in the previously distraction-free mode, and now it looks like YouTube would like you to be able to do almost everything in full screen which was previously limited to the vertical interface.

New YouTube full screen interface with buttons

As you can see in the screenshot above of one of our Samsung Galaxy Fold3 units, a new interface experience adds some of the buttons you can usually find under a video playing vertically all the way to the bottom. of the full screen view. When the test is active for you, you have access to likes and dislikes, a shortcut to the comments section, an option to add the video to a playlist, and a share button. When you tap on the title at the top, you can also go to the video description, as we saw earlier. In the new interface, you can no longer swipe up to view suggested videos – there is now a button in the lower right corner that gives you access to those.

Current YouTube interface

We initially assumed that the change might be limited to foldable devices and other devices with larger screens and therefore more space to display those additional items, but we also spotted the new buttons on a Galaxy S21. This makes us believe that the new interface is intended for all form factors on Android. However, as with all of those a / b tests that are rolled out for some people to go away soon after, there is a real possibility that YouTube will not make the change completely if the developers determine that the solution is not satisfactory, so don’t get your forks out just yet.

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